Our Practice Locations

Our therapy sessions are available in indoor (clinic-based) settings or outdoor (nature-based) settings and online.

In the Clinic

Our therapy room is based on the first floor of the Age Concern Centre in Kingsbridge, and is available for Next Steps appointments on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. The room is only accessible via the stairs at present however, there are plans to install a stair lift by the end of 2021 to make it accessible to people with mobility issues. We are sometimes able to book one of the downstairs dining/workshop rooms in the early evening for clients who are unable to use the stairs. Please let us know if you would like to consider this option so that we can book the room in advance.

Therapy locations
Next Steps Therapy

The Next Steps counselling room provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere in which to safely explore the issues you are experiencing, with comfortable chairs, soft lighting and even a therapy couch for somatic therapy sessions. We have a large range of miniature figures and objects to use as part of sand tray therapy, as well as creative materials for art therapy, and sound healing tools such as tuning forks and singing bowls to assist with meditation, breathwork, and relaxation techniques. These and other therapeutic techniques can be seamlessly incorporated into our talk therapy sessions to expand on any thoughts, feelings, or insights you might experience during our work together.

In the Woods

We have 3 wooded areas available for use as ecotherapy sessions, with easy access and parking available nearby. Depending on your therapeutic requirements, we can simply walk and talk along the woodland paths or choose to actively incorporate elements of the environment such as the trees, flowers, river, fallen logs etc within our sessions to help explore specific emotions or create personal rituals.

Here are some images of the woodlands we work in:

West Alvington Woods

Andrews Woods

Avon Valley (Loddiswell Woods)

Therapy locations

On the Beach

We regularly use 3 beaches in the area for ecotherapy sessions (one of which is tide dependent), but also have access to several more beaches within a short driving distance of our Centre. As with other outdoor counselling sessions, we might choose to focus purely on walk and talk along the beach or coastal path. Sometimes we might sit in quiet reflection and practice mindfulness or breathing techniques. Alternatively, we could incorporate the environmental elements of the beach itself such as pebbles, sand, rocks, driftwood, shells, the water, sea breeze etc to specifically explore emotions or issues you are experiencing.

Here are some images of the beaches and coastline we can work from:

North Hallsands


Online therapy incorporates both telephone and internet-based counselling sessions, with video sessions available through Zoom or Microsoft Teams for clients across the UK.

As face-to-face sessions were severely restricted during the Covid-19 lockdowns, online therapy has become increasingly popular over the last 12 months. It offers an accessible and flexible option for therapeutic support which often fits more easily around clients’ work and family schedules.