12 months ago today

On this day last year, 15th January 2017, my beautiful mama crossed over the threshold.

Today, after a year of painful firsts, rather than choosing to focus on the sadness of her death, I am choosing to focus on the joy of her life.

I remember with joy and gratitude, the love and the light she brought into our lives; the love she shared and the love she inspired.

I remember the beautiful sparkle in her eyes and how her beaming smile could light up a room.

I remember her beauty, her elegance and her kindness; the way she laughed, her sharp wit and her cheeky sense of humour.

I remember her strength, her courage and dogged determination; her loyalty, humility and dignity.

More than anything though, I remember her love.

She loved her family with all her heart and devoted her life to taking care of us; especially my dad, her soulmate. The flame of love that burned between them was like no other. My mum loved more deeply than anyone I have ever known and I feel her eternal love around me still.

Mum I love you, with all my heart, now and always. Thank you for giving me the gift of life, thank you for so many precious memories and thank you for your beautiful gift of love. I am truly blessed to be your daughter.

Suzi xx